Night Sky details

Nelson should add details for the Night Sky,like falling stars,different stars,and maybe…ufos? That would be cool if we can see ufos in Unturned,we know that alien probably are the cause of infection in the lore…so why not?

Why is this uncategorized?

Well…uhh…ohh…it’s a suggestion…

I assume for Unturned 3?

EDIT: moved to Unturned 3 per reason below. :arrow_down: That aside, maybe, I guess? By different stars do you mean differently colored stars? :thinking:

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Hmmhh,yeah ._. didn’t notice that’s uncategorized…

I know that woul be unrealistic…but w could see the difference between starsmlike red dwarfs will be sligtly red than others,red giants bigger than other,ecc.

IIRC those aren’t even visible to the naked eye from our position.

You’d need a telescope to tell those apart.