Night time should be extremely dark. like pitch black

im watching this video ( of unturned 2 night time and its not dark enough. it should be pitch black. only thing you should be able to see if the trees. and when you are in your base, it should me impossible to see without a light source. this would make unturned more of a survival game also and would encourage people to make campfires and to use torches/lights

This is a significant case of all because it’s realistic doesn’t make it fun.

In real life, we have many other senses besides sight and hearing to move around. When your monitor is pitch black, it’s not fun. It’s just frustrating.

Pitch black nights are just a game mechanic that makes people unable to play the game. Quite counter-intuitive don’t you think?


It shouldn’t be pitch black, but it should be a little darker. I never use nv goggles because I can see perfectly without them.


oh god
not pitch black

unturned has somewhat pitch black nights and i wanna shoot myself cause i cant see
Minecraft had it as well and it made impossible to do anything

no pitch black nights


I really don’t get what you mean, the peak of the night is dark as fuck. You only see the sky and whatever has a silhouette with it. You want everything to be just black ? That’s crazy, not even realistic.


if its pitch black, it will make it more of a tactical and stealthy game. therefore a survival game. if we can see, there we just have rainbow six siege but you lose stuff when you die

ever played rust? nights are pitch black but you spawn with a torch in that game. its perfect

it is realistic. go outside on a cloudy night and you will not be able to see anything. you can

We all know we can, but do you?

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Wow, I thought you learned from our last chat. Making something realistic does not equal fun in a game. Though I would like some darker nights, I personally think that staring at pitch black is annoying as all hell.


I agree. Pitch black nights suck but i also want darker nights just for that “horror” vibe. But i dont have U2 yet so i dont know what nights will look like on my PC.

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I’ll tell you one thing that people do in games with absurdly dark nights.

Gamma boosting. Quite a lot of people do that in even U3’s nights. It removes pretty much puts a false sense of stealth in players who don’t because well, it’s not dark for quite a few people.

Just purely on the point of it’s just not fun to have no damn clue where you are. Like I said, in real life you can move around with anything but eyesight, like feel. But you don’t have that sense in a videogame.

An example: In Halo 2 MCC, the remastered graphics look beautiful, but for some goddamn reason quite a few places were completely black making it impossible to see anything. Thankfully all I had to do is revert to the classic graphics, but damn. It just doesn’t add anything besides being annoying as hell.

In the development of France, the nights were darker. It didn’t take us long to lighten up the nights as it just plain sucked.


ironically, rust being pitch black prevents gamma boosting. thats why i want it. its so dark that you cant see anything thats 10+ meters away. its perfect. night time also makes it so solo players and small groups can easily sneak around to transfer loot between bases and stuff

Easily sneak around? You mean either deal with traveling while seeing only the color black on your screen or use lights and expose yourself, which removes stealth?

i can easily sneak around in rust when its pitch black out. and if you get stuck for a sec, pull out your flashlight, turn it on for 2 seconds and spin around you. there you now know what your surroundings look like and can easily go find your spot :yawning_face:

I can easily find your spot bu just having knowlegde of only the small ammount of area around myself? Besides, Id rather not have to pullout a flashlight at all but still have to walk in a dark-ish area, that promotes stealth. Also, this isnt rust, Unturned doesnt have to be as realistic as possible to be fun. :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

If we are going to have anything close to pitch black during a night I’d prefer that it’s related to moon phase and weather. As in pretty much only when there is a new moon, and especially when it is cloudy as well.

Also, has anyone here put time into checking the Trello?

I’d love it if we had a pitch black night once or twice every in-game month. And for those who absolutely refuse to play during those types of nights, the second bullet point provides a solution.

As Vile said, gamma boosting can nullify some of the stealth advantage provided by nights but hopefully Nelson will work out an effective way to deal with that. Last time I played 3.0, it was like having military nightvision 24/7 although I don’t think gamma boosting had a large impact on darkness nodes.


if unturned doesnt need to be realistic, would you be okay if everybody started using aimbot and ESP? aimbot isn’t realistic. so should it be in the game? and if the game doesn’t be very similar to rust it will die faster than a apple exposed to oxygen :yawning_face:

Go ahead and try that logic with all the games you normally play. We’ll still be here when you get done with that.

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It isn’t pitch-black, light from the sun and light reflection from the moon are still a thing, there’s still a faint light on the horizon at all times, i’m sure you can look this up by yourself if you care. The ground and objects are dark, but the sky is still noticeably brighter than the terrain, even without light pollution.