Nightvision in 4.0 or Unturned II

Ok so this is my idea. The night vision goggles blocks the top part of your vision as seen in the 3rd picture. when you want to use the night vision it gives you an animation of you putting down the night vision goggles as seen in 1 and 2. When equipped the goggles limit your vision as seen in the 4th picture and can see stuff you wouldn’t see at night Example: 3 bandits by the mountain in picture 4. Night vision would be a useful item when scavenging at night.

sorry if this is has already been mentioned.


I actually kind of like this Idea, might need to be executed different but ehh.

I don’t like the blocking idea. If we were to follow through with that, then gasmasks would obstruct vision, and the visor from hats would as well.


Oh shit yeah, you’re right. There has to be consistency.


I don’t think that would be bad, though. Perhaps for PVP and Arena it could be disabled, though. Because PvPing with your face covered would be annoying as fuck.

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Dunno why you would want something like this over your screen at any time.

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Did I just hear you say that there was an aspect of {eastern europe apocalypse game no #43-2B) that you didn’t enjoy?

Perhaps it wouldn’t be there in 3rd person.

also to anyone who says 3rd person is “too op” you can commit die


Oh? That? Hell no. That’s just a mod some masochist degenerate made.
(And yes, there are parts of Stalker that I dislike. For example, the massive hiccups and the dated graphics)
On the other hand, mods make it better.
Tell me this doesn’t look phenomenal.

stalker is bad ecks dee

It doesn’t look phenomenal. (I haven’t actually watched the video, but you asked for it.)

Go commit deathpastito.



Ehh, gives you a reason not to wear a gasmask 24/7


I kinda like this idea. Would make it so people don’t wear op stuff 24/7. Plus the nvgs just sorta visible at the top of your screen would be kinda cool.

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Italian Russian Roulette

Russian roulette doesn’t work with pistols.

exactly. That’s why this is Italian Russian Roulette


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Instead of glowing like a christmas tree during the night (current way of balancing NVGs) you should have a limited FOV and lights should be extremely bright (headlamps, streetlights, etc) and if you put them on during day it should be completely white, because of the way it works. (Light intensification)