Nintendo Labo VR

Did any of you buy it? What are your experiences thus far?

I liked Labo as concept but never was really interested until the VR one. I pre-ordered the starter kit and it arrived on time, about 12-1PM, on launch day. Spent a good 5-6 hours buildings everything it came with (Goggles, blaster, pinwheel thingy, couple other odds and ends.) and only got to play like an hour before the battery died. Played it most of today, i’m honestly flabbergasted by the amount of content in it.

The blaster game was great but the hippo feeding game (Kablasta or whatever.) was way better imo, me and my two brothers enjoyed it thoroughly. Only complaint is lack of match settings, can only change number of fruit and turn on fruit sharing. No timer, no smash style random events or anything, only 2 players. All the VR videos were great, despite not having full 360 support. The VR plaza and VR garage impressed me the most out of everything though, all the built in plaza games are legitimately really fun and I’ve gone back to multiple a good couple times. I haven’t gotten into the garage yet, but seeing all the stuff the plaza games can do (I was particularly fond of Big Old Book and the lighting effects.) makes me excited for it.

I’m planning on buying the two expansion sets next time i head to my local Walmart, assuming they even have them. The starter set was totally worth the 40$ and i’m sure both the expansions will be worth their 40$ too. Also hyped about Zelda BOTW support, that’ll be great.

Btw the only reason i’m writing this is because i’m bored since my Switch ran out of batteries for the third time. I haven’t ran the battery dry this much since i first got the console!

AHEM sorry for the long post, i actually really liked this kit if you can’t tell lol.

i don’t know if i want to, i have a pc vr headset and i have a feeling that labo vr would disappoint me.

the main problems i have with the concept is the lack of head or controller tracking, the lack of a headstrap, low resolution and the small amount of games.

if it wasn’t made out of cardboard and had controller tracking (even something simple like psvr) i would be more inclined to try it out

I don’t have much experience with VR so i don’t know what you mean by tracking. Do you mean like being able to lean and move inside the games? If so then yeah i miss that from back when for a brief period i had a PSVR before my cats ruined it. The elephant one, though, has apparently really good controller tracking using reflective tape and the right joy-con’s IR camera.

No headstrap is dumb i agree, but remember they’re made to be passed around in a group. Also the resolution is certainly low, things get blurry fairly quick, but i don’t notice it much.

Not including the Plaza games (Since they’re more minigames then anything.) yeah it could do with more games. But i doubt odyssey/BOTW will be the only games to get VR support.

no, he means being able to look around, and being able to see where your hands are in the vr.

You sure? In that case it has both of those, and does a good job with them. It’s pretty heavily shown you can look around, at least. :confused:

when i say tracking i mean being able to move in 3d space, sure the switch has gyroscopes so that you can look around but that is no substitute for roomscale vr

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