No Content Browser in Devkit

I dont have content browser in my devkit.
How do i fix this?

The Content Browser was used to navigate .content bundles. However, content bundles were deprecated in April 2021. Things that used to be stored in content bundles are now stored in master bundles, which are navigated with the Asset Browser.

If you need to add the Asset Browser, you can customize your Devkit with the ribbon at the top of your screen, from the Windows tab of options.

Is there a specific reason you’re needing to still use the Content Bundles? If you’re trying to use assets from an old mod, it may not be compatible with the current version of the game to begin with. Alternatively – if it’s your own mod, you should update to master bundles.

I just needed to access the materials to paint the ground

you can still access them via the asset browser, they should be in this path : Terrain/Materials/


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