No Ground bug

So loaded up Unturned for the first time in a little while on my computer (I have a mac). And on any map I went on (server or singleplayer) there was no ground textures. The ground was still there, but all I could see was water below, however I could still walk on the ground. Anyone know a fix?

Do you have any screenshot?
I would recommend to check the cache of the game, or in any case reinstall it.

I’ve reinstalled 3 times, removed all workshop mods, and reset all my settings. What would I be looking for in the chache?

tl;dr older versions of Mac have this problem, update it if you can or get a Windows or Linux PC

Well screw me then. Guess I can’t play till I upgrade. Thanks though

the other alternative is to try running it through WINE (, which is basically a program that lets you run Windows programs on Linux or Mac by “emulating” Windows, but I use Windows exclusively so I can’t really help too much with that

it might be worth trying though, if your computer’s good enough to run it


I forgot I had that installed. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a shot. Doubt it’ll work since my mac is really bad, but I’m planning on building a pc within a month or two, so either way I’ll find a solution.

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