No in game purchases in 4.0, does that mean no skins too? What about 3.0 skins

please not my skins

In devlog 8 Nelson said:

My current plan is for Unturned 4.x to be FREE without any in-game purchases/cosmetics/skins, aside from the exception of a Premium pass that grants access to Official Servers.

Does that mean no skins in 4.0? And what of 3.0 skins?

The different game engine means different game, 3.0 skins will become useless in 4.0

3.0 and 4.0 will be separate games. So you can still use your skins in 3.0, which will be pop based, and 4.0 won’t have skins, and it will be survival/pve based. So you won’t lose your skins.

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