No Mans Sky 2




I know this is a meme but people saying Sean Murray lied really gets to me. As a game developer in progress and someone who has worked with many other game developers, I understand that he promised too much upfront because he knew his team could do it. That being said he promised it too early and forgot just how long it takes to create content for games.

What really gets to me though, is that he and his company had the guts to go and fix their game for free and people are STILL mad at him.


A delayed game fades away into vaporware as the marketing hype peters out before the release date, the fans feel let down and betrayed, the funds steadily dry up, and the devs one by one burn out, lose their passion, or move on to other work that will actually reach a satisfying conclusion. A rushed game gets a few memes and some bad press, but gets patched for the hardcore fan base that sticks around.

HahA uNtUrneD 3 iN a nUTshElL

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