Noise effect without Film Grain on

Hi, my name is meloman, my main language is Russian, but I still don’t speak English perfectly, so in this topic I resorted to the help of a translator (please do not throw sticks for mistakes in the text, the translator was not me )

I will be brief, the problem is the following - after the recent update of Unturned on, I have a noise effect on the screen. The devil knows why it appeared specifically, but it was after the update that it began to be on my screen all the time. Nothing in the graphics parameters. On the advice of two times reinstalled the game. I myself play on a server with Stalker mods, but this problem with the noise effect on the screen is observed only in a few people on the server. I also reinstalled the mods twice. But the most interesting thing is that the noise effect is not shown in the game, that is, in the same main menu, there may be this noise effect ( in dark corners, it is well noticed). I also updated the graphics driver, thinking it was the problem, but that didn’t help either. Please help me.

Have you tried joining a server with no stalker mods and seeing if it fixes it? From what I can understand here it’s either a visual bug or the mod has something to do with it.

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10q for the answer! okay, I’ll try it later, but for now, I’ll play a different game and watch other people’s responses in parallel.
thank you cool guy.


No problem, hope you get the problem fixed soon. Welcome to the Forums as well.

10q so much, I hope there are friendly guys sitting here.

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Most are friendly. By the way, welcome to the forum. Let’s hope you stay with us for longer.

there is a post processing glitch that makes it change depending on third and first person, this could be a side effect, or it could be the custom server UI as well


10q for answer, server disabled the third person mode so players can use only first person so idk how that possible.

look, i deleted all mods and with clear Unturned join on PEI in Singleplayer.

just look at that, that’s look weird and I can’t just play with it, this black outline annoys me.

Are you using TAA for antialishing? I’ve seen similar results with TAA, that didn’t last long. Maybe FXAA might help.

(Antialishing isn’t supposed to do that and my fix probably won’t work. All i know is that stuff works weird in unturned)

yeah that was TAA, i change it on FXAA and this outline dissapeared, 10q u dude.


i check the server with mods and check singleplayer without it so yes, i think this is custom display filter, 10q u all for help.

Ahhh, yes. TAA sometimes does that. Maybe i can’t reproduce the black outline effect because i play on low resolution. That’s good to know.

Unturned: the telltale game


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