Non-humanoid mutants/abominations

Been playing a lot of Cataclysm:DDA lately, got surprised by the number of unique enemies it has;

And i thought, hey, wouldn’t it be great to find a 2 meter tall spider motherfucker while exploring a cave?

And then i remembered joy mutants from LISA. Boy, they would fit into the game. Maybe put some abominations like that near radioactive barrels or some toxic shit.

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Great idea but I would find it creepy :smile: although if executed correctly could lead for some interesting ideas. :wink:

I don’t think it would make much sense. Where would they come from?

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Firebolt has a point. Where would they come from, like how did they become a thing? Did it start from another outbreak like the zombies?


Honestly I’m fine with zombies.

While I like your ambitions, it’s really not a realistic (game design wise, not actual “realism”) addition. As many other people have said, it really doesn’t fit into the lore of the game or it’s design.

I think zombie mutations would be an interesting concept. I don’t really see where non-humanoid mutants could really come from.

Although, now that I give it some thought, maybe some Scorpion-7 experiments? These would be test subjects that you could fight as sort of an end-game type deal, similar to megas but on a whole other scale.


In my opinion the problem with Scorpion-7 experiments is the fact that the virus was originally designed as a bioweapon of some sort or maybe some sort of supersoldier program. Either way, they don’t want to actually make the soldiers too mutated/increase the combat capability of the infected and these mutations would just generally be unrealistic in the games lore.

Hey, joy mutants in LISA are human. There is no reason why zombie virus in Unturned shouldn’t cause body mutations.

Megas exist, but they aren’t monsters, just very b i g b o y e s

^ this thingie

As I said before, the zombie virus in unturned isn’t natural, it was created by the company Scorpion-7 and realistically wouldn’t stray too far from what the company made it to do. We do see mega zombies, flanker zombies, and acid zombies, which are minor variations on the theme of the virus, but large scale mutation into creatures like that would be pretty unrealistic when you consider how the virus was created.

Finding them randomly wouldn’t make much sense… (especially spiders lol) BUT what if you could find mutated animals/creatures in deadzones? It would be cool to find radioactive two-headed deer or aggressive explosive pigs/what not? They would belong in big irradiated “ecosystems” (kinda like Cernobyl, they found some pretty weird stuff down there) such as the North of Russia or Cologne and would drop various different unique and useful craftable items/supplies which would make deadzones 100% more useful? Maybe even have their own beacon type!


Sorry everyone, by spiders i meant giant human mutant fucks that looked like spiders.

Still doesn’t change anything. I get what you’re saying.

Yes, I love this.

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