Normal things in your country that seems odd for other countries

the idea of this post is mostly to mimic subreddits like r/anormaldayinrussia.

post the weirdest/unbelievable situations that happened in your country/state/city as if it were normal for you. doesn’t matter if it’s a weird ass car accident or a dude doing something strange.

i.e.: this car was cemented on a pavement because the owner refused to move it. This happened in Belo Horizonte.


go ahead gamers, tell me your stories.


oh no, pork got arrested.
I’m tellin ya right now im not paying your alamony or what ever its called to break you out

anyways, here’s my strange photo

EDIT: ooh yeah, if you don’t know what this road is, ignore “mikey manfs” and “jaystation”. They’re bullshitin lies


wait what’s that


Bagged milk.

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More of a regional thing but I can scientifically prove that people from Chicago hate syllables. The phrase ‘did you eat?’ has been shortened down into the monosyllabic ‘jeet?’

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(I didn’t live near there, but this is pretty much what usually happened when things happened. At least in where I actually lived.)

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when you live in one of the most boring parts of australia so you cant contribute anything

currently i live in tasmania, for study

so i beg to differ

while i’m burning in regional new south wales you’re in tasmania with normal weather

thought nsw > tasmania any day of the year

Nothing in this part Australian either
WA is boring

i mean true
i’m normally used to like, snow, so if i went to nsw i’d probably fucking die

Tbat isn’t normal in Minas Gerais ahsuahsuahsu. You should put some stupidly lowered cars.

i find this one interesting. its in Australia

Check the comments when you look at the video

¿ ǝqnƆǝɯɐפ ?

Brazil, the country where people buy an off-road car and lowers it so you can’t go anywhere but roads with perfert asphalt.

It is also normal to put a ladder on top of your Uno, so you have the fastest car in the whole world.

Oh and don’t forget the memes: