Noslem! >:[]




What’s wrong with BattlEye™ tho


I like battleye, they got rid of 99% of hackers, and I have not seen a conformed one since.

just glichers/exploiters

I like myself some battleye


BattlEye has done a wonderful job of clearing out Rainbow Six of hackers and cheaters. I like it.



BattlEye has also done a wonderful job repeatedly breaking Unturned.


Oi, don’t keep stealing pictures off deviantart, or you will need to talk to the HAND


impact font exsists

flashbacks to the gulf war


Who am I talking to now?


EVEN BETTER :ok_hand:


To be fair, three out of the four (five?) times being accidental breakage isn’t that bad! Just…, like, 75‒80% sad!


I mean, this is in #memes, and not #unturned-3.


BOI. Anyways, maybe I should added a /s, since that’s the first time you’ve used a image off there and it isn’t technically stealing… I guess.

I’ve just looked up unturned on deviantart a lot alright?


Speaking of BE

Sad it’s super bad at it’s job lately.


Now battleye reminds me of the minions from despicable me

or whatever it was called


This image came from a reddit post.


Are you sure that person made it tho


Yes, he’s the person who originally made it. The original is available in Steam Artwork. He does not have a deviantART account.


Then the world is full of thieves xd


Anyways, we should probably stop with this xd


the world is full of thieves

the mans cracked the code