November Clean-up | November 28, 2019


  • Updated the Docker Manager for Discourse.
  • Upgraded from Discourse 2.4.0.beta6 +206 to Discourse v2.4.0.beta7 +328.
  • Updated cakeday, canned-replies, characters-required, checklist, data-explorer, user-notes, Steam Authentication, and tooltips.


  • We have recently published a topic that explains the purpose of all the private categories on the site. See “Private Categories” for that information.
  • Staff and Meta categories have had their descriptions improved, expanded, and clarified.
  • Relisted, unarchived, and closed all previously hidden “About the ____ category” topics in the Staff and Meta categories.
  • The Meta category now shows subcategories at the top in rows with featured topics (and descriptions), instead of boxes (with only featured topics).


  • Fixed a grammatical error with the Festive 2018 badge’s long description.
  • Added the Festive 2019 badge, which can be obtained by visiting the site during the (upcoming) Festive event for Unturned.


  • Added custom CSS & JS to better handle Twitter Link integration. This user field is now actually hyperlinked, and in the future you will see other fields receive the same treatment.

Profile card

  • Added custom table CSS to Sam’s Simple Theme.
  • Added custom table CSS to Vincent.

A table is provided below to allow easy viewing of the current table CSS.

Clothing Medicine Weaponry Vehicles Locations
Guan Yu Beard Medkit Snowball Ambulance St. Petersburg
Guan Yu Polearm Suturekit Paintball Gun Forest Armored Offroader Seattle
Zeus’ Voltaic Hair Dressing Sportshot Bicycle Berlin

You are doing the lords work Molt, godspeed

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:pray: Bless Molt :pray:

lets just replace nelson

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Long live Molton’s Monarchy


imagine we had themes that just mimic other sites?

Cool maths games



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All hail the real king.


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You haven’t even consulted the Nelsonites. The people who support Nelson’s ascension Monarchy. No, Molton will NOT become monarch.

Well, time for English Civil War, SDG Forums edition…

These three words are telling me that this won’t go well.

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Washington RP +++ Edition :intense_judgement:

The real life equivalent of selling that high poly food would be selling fourth dimensional food.

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It’s somewhat funny seeing decent quality medium poly foods served in a cafe with very low poly players.

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