NPC problem

Hello there! i need a small favor, im trying to make 4 npc and 1 with quest but i cant because they dont work, disappears in-game and etc. Does someone can help me please?

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Check that all the ID’s are matching and that there are no conflicting GUIDs

Honestly just look at the error log and it will tell you the issue.

You think that i didnt checked em?

Look man, I am just trying to help you, Don’t need to be rude about it. I am going off all the information you gave in the post, You never specified that there were no errors in the log so how was I suppose to know? Error log shows if there is an issue with ids and such.

Try refreshing your assets

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Are you still having problems?

Nope I’ve made them. They work perfect now…

Image result for Npc

Alright good

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