NPC Reward responses

I’m trying to make an NPC that activates the laser objects from the MK II quest just from talking to him.

The laser object’s code (located in “Unturned/Bundles/Objects/Large/Quests/Lasers/Laser_0/Laser_0.dat”):

GUID 52bb8b031c1540539231837c6e3639f0
Type Large
ID 856

Conditions 1
Condition_0_Type Flag_Short
Condition_0_ID 218
Condition_0_Value 3
Condition_0_Logic Equal

When you click on Response_0, I want to simply reward the player by creating a Flag_Short reward and setting the Flag_Short 218 to 3. Could someone tell me what is wrong with my code, or maybe give me an example of how to do this? Any help is very much appreciated.

GUID 24b6682efc0d45afa7222ab3f966a32f
Type Dialogue
ID 7150

Messages 1
Message_0_Pages 1

Responses 1
Response_0_Reward_0_Type Flag_Short
Response_0_Reward_0 LaserStuff
Response_0_Reward_0_ID 218
Response_0_Reward_0_Value 3
Response_0_Reward_0_Modification Assign

For starters, I hope you know to omit the GuIDs entirely.

Not taking them out causes conflicts with vanilla game files.

Uuh, sounds good. A bit to complicated for me XD. Especially because i do not know how creating mods in unturned works, i just started learning some C# so… yeh.

I took out the GUID and let it regenerate itself, But do you know why the NPC reward isn’t doing anything?

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