NPC towns

The basics.

  • Well fortified, and always have guards and usually spikes.

  • during hordes at night zombies will attack the town. Usually they are unsuccessful and you can see npcs head out and repair the walls and barricades, but occasionally a town will be destroyed.

  • destroyed towns can be made into player-made towns. And part of the currency made on that town will be sent to the player. Though there can only be one player made town.

  • depending on location, it could either be a barricaded street, or look like the post-apocalyptic version of a western town. Also location depends on what shops it will have.

  • you require a certain type of currency to buy stuff in towns, as well as get npcs to move into a town you rebuilt.

  • possibly players can duel in the street, without killing each other. The winner will get prize money? (maybe even zombie pit fights?)

  • npcs will have schedules like heading to the bar and closing their shop, or heading to bed and doing the same.

  • towns have a curfew and you can either sleep the night in a tavern, or help defend the town from hordes.


  • You can buy or sell horses, and other livestock.

  • Horses you buy can be either untrained, or trained. Untrained are a lot cheaper than trained.

  • you can buy saddles, lassos, and food for animals here, as well as sell it for a cheaper price.

  • If the town is in a city street, this will just be located in a few garages. If it’s in a Post-Apocalyptic style western town, it will be in a barn.

  • quests here will usually be finding a certain type of animal or getting animal food. You can be awarded in currency or even sometimes an animal.

  • players can buy Molotovs and alcohol here. Alcohol can be made into medical supplies or Molotovs.

  • you can talk to npcs here to figure out what’s going on in the town.

  • occasionally you can observe a bar fight, (and sometimes you can participate without getting in too much trouble, if an Npc attacks you first.? )

  • you can buy a room here, and spend the night in relative safety. Unless the town walls get breached, then you either run or he’ll defend the town. If you stay in your room during a breach, eventually after all the townsfolk are dead, the zombies will come after you. (sorry AFK players.)

  • quests can include just about anything, depending on what the Npc does.

Gun stores.
  • you can buy or sell weapons and munition here.

  • military knives and equipment are available here for purchase.

  • quests would be finding guns and certain types of ammunition, or going out to collect supplies from a destroyed caravan/convoy. (that may apply to all quests occasionally)

General Store
  • you can sell and buy building materials, some types of food, and common materials.

  • if you sell something the store doesn’t sell, they will sell/give it to the store that does sell/buy it.

  • quests will usually involve heading to a warehouse to grab building materials.

  • npcs will head here and buy food.

  • you can buy food and water here, (possibly make the prices cheaper if you are dehydrating or starving to death?)

  • quests will be about looking for cooking ingredients.

Coalition Tents/stores
  • coalition gear is sold here, and they will hand out a free MRE once a day.

  • you CAN NOT sell coalition gear here, if you try, they WILL turn hostile. The only thingbyou can sell are MREs and doctors from quests.

  • quests will be retrieving the dogtags of coalition squads.


This text will be hidden

Clothes stores.
  • you can buy or sell civilian grade clothes. As well as cloth/fabric.

  • quests will be based on finding high quality clothes.

Medical tents/infirmaries
  • npcs will head here for a short while and pay after they have been healed.

  • you can buy dressings and bandages here, along with other medical supplies.

  • quests include: finding caches of medical supplies, and looking for stuff related to a cure.

Sherifs/Bounty Office
  • npcs will head here and set up a bounty for (mostly) zombies, and occasional scavengers and thieves.

  • you cant buy anything, but you can take a bounty to go and find a certain zombie, and kill it. (these zombies will stand out, and probably be stronger than usual.)

  • (lore) people who want their family members put to rest, or spotted a particularly dangerous zombie will set bounties here. (inspired by the Rot & Ruin series.)



  • has one or two transport vehicles. Surrounded by armed vehicles/ people on horses.

  • thieves and scavengers will occasionally attack these (zombies also will attack them frequently)and the town that was supposed to receive these items will have quests to receive items that are left behind.

  • following one might lead you to a town.

  • set up camps at night.


  • these guys will usually attack people that aren’t very armed in appearance

  • if you get killed by them, you WILL lose you items. Then you would probably have a quest after you respond to get them back. (should be relatively easy)

  • you can usually find them at ambush points.

  • if they are waiting for a caravan, they will ignore lone survivors.

  • usually have bounties on their heads.

  • you can find them usually going through a house for loot, or grappling with a zombie

  • rarely have bounties on their heads.

  • if you have a town, you can recruit them for the town if you do something for them, or pay them.

  • usually they will aim their weapon at you when they see you, but won’t open fire unless you are absolutely a threat.


I don’t really know what should be currency, so vote for some of the ideas I had.

  • Normal cash, dollar bills, ex
  • Bullets
  • Guns
  • Canned Beans
  • Coins carved with a letter
  • Water
  • Other (comment)

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Building/repairing towns

  • you need to find scavengers to take a job after you rebuild some of it.

  • scavengers will take a randomized job that is available.

  • more of an endgame goal to rebuild a town?


  • each Npc has a set amount of currency assigned to them. This goes up or down based on how much they sell. If they don’t have enough they can’t buy food or new supplies.

  • hostile towns filled with either x
    Cannibals, a sort of occult, or even bandits.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a like and use the poll below.

  • Pretty good
  • Horrible
  • Thief/bandit npcs? REEEEE
  • It’s alright (comment)

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This post is based off other topics and people’s ideas, along with a few of my own

This also works with my animal posts, and any future long posts I will make in the near future.


This is good and all, but this is relatively intensive on programming and I’m not sure if this is something he could pull off.


Yeah I guess, it would just be fun to have xd

Literally anything can be used as currency, the value is affected by how much the person wants the item you have.

Money is useless because nobody finds value in green paper anymore.


Currency is needed otherwise you cant find a definite value for anything. How many boots do you need for a mattress, how many chairs for a house?

Currency is a lot more useful than you think, and it makes sense towns would set up some type.

Yes, you can trade, but it still gets difficult in the long run. Easier to use something rare (like bullets or food) than trying to get someone to trade some bullets for anything under the price of 50 cans of beans or water bottles. With a system like that in place, you can’t make sure something is overpriced, as you don’t know how much of said object is out there. With currency of some sort, the town can at least keep tabs on making sure some shop owner isn’t ripping someone off.

This is nice, but it’s too complicated and not all towns should have all stores.
Not to mention that not all towns are even up, and instead these towns should be just survivor camps, with only the largest settlements having all stores.


I think bartering with barter values would be good.
Ex: 1 Candle = .2 Value < .5 Value = Pine Log

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That sounds like a decent idea.

Also everyone suggesting trading, it’s easier to program currency than making everything be worth a certain amount of a bunch of things. I dunno

Gold has been around for flexing purposes for thousands of years, even when times were really rough people still wanted to have gold. In old dayz gold was the currency, and it worked pretty well. Also it feels cool to win a 30 minute+ firefight with some guys and find a briefcase full of gold bars on them.

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Gold just doesn’t make sense in a survival situation; you can’t eat it, you can’t shoot it, and it’s exceptionally heavy.

Gold only has value because people say it has value, and I don’t know about you, but I’ll take ammunition over some bars of metal.

The only exception I can see to this is that gold could be used for crafting something electronic.

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Another settlement needs your help.


We are talking about currency here. Of course in any genuine survival situation it would be 100% a barter based economy but also thats boring. Do you really want to be going from npc to npc traiding a pack of cigs you found for a battery for a carton of eggs for a car alternator for a shopping cart for a pistol for a pack of pumpkin seeds?

Also if you want to get into the nitty gritty gold is aesthetically pleasing, so people who are already set in terms of food/water/shelter/weapons will always want the next best thing, aesthetics, hence why gold has been the most sought after resource on earth for the last couple millenia

Why not just trade the pack of cigs into bullets and then trade them into pumpkin seeds?


Memes aside, gold has been sought after because it shows wealth, and people love showing that off.

You know what would be aesthetically pleasing and everyone would trade for?

Playboy Magazines

Not even joking, everyone would want them and everyone would trade for them.

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Sadly, you are right, but we don’t want these kind of elements, considering the caliber of the game.

Playboy magazine (back when it actually had nudity) catered to a specific audience.

Well, I guess you wouldn’t buy them if you were gay.

Or female/asexual or are too busy killing multi-dimensional horrors to beat your meat


In that case, other essentials that are easily portionable are likely. Cigarettes, toilet paper, soap, ramen, soda, and ammunition come to mind.

A single player can just show up and genocide the townsfolk because they aren’t as good as the player.
If they can actually fight: then the player could use the absurd bullet drop difference in the defender’s guns as opposed to theirs to pick off every single one.
Or if they’re rich enough: the player could bombard a town with explosives from a tank or rocket launcher from a longer distance. Jets and armed helicopters too, of course.

The town is just a bloodbath waiting to happen.