NPC Trading sites and Attacking Trading sites


Either a big main trading site, or a few smaller ones scattered around the map, I’d go with the latter but both could work.

I have not played DayZ or the mod but from what I’ve seen in videos I like how those trading sites look.

Each trader has a certain amount of items that refill each day-cycle. You can always see how much of an item a trader has. You could buy out an entire item so it’s not available for the day. Some items could have a purchase limit that disallows you to purchase said item too many times (The former might be food and the latter might be ammo).

An optional thing could be traders that have a slot that can be filled with one type of item available for the day. By that I mean an arms-dealer might have an “Offer of the Day” of sorts, which would be a random weapon selected from a curated pool of guns that changes each day.

This could be a rare weapon like a mini-gun or rare ammunition (for something like the aforementioned mini-gun). There’s a small stockpile of these items so you better be quick to get one.

Some traders might go through with that philosophy entirely, having a completely new set of items everyday.

An additional optional thing for the optional thing would be items that get bought a lot, have a higher chance of being there the next day.

I can see the blood moon mechanic from U3 be integrated here in some way, with those nights giving better gear for better prices with the trade-off being the rarity, small time frame of availability and the abundance of dangerous zombies everywhere.

  • Either only one BIG trading site for the entire map OR a few smaller trading sites sprinkled throughout that are the same in size.

  • I personally almost like the idea of a rare item being entirely bought out for the day, like a mini-gun but doing that would be ridiculously expensive. This isn’t clarifying anything I just wanted to say this.

Trading Sites
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  • NAY

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I think you should be able to attack an entire trading site. That’s the main thing I wanted to say.

Shooting a trading NPC will make the entire trading site engage in combat with you and your group regardless of how involved other members might be.

You can actually kill the NPCs and take their loot but there’s lots of them, they have more health than normal players and they’re good at shooting. The attackers will not be able to trade at the site for the next few hours unless they engage in combat a second time.

If a wandering player stumbles upon a fight like that, and decides to helps the NPCs by killing or shooting the attacking players, they’ll get discounts, bonuses or even gifts from the traders, on the condition that he succeeds. If they loot a killed trader, then the other NPCs will take away their discounts, maybe up the prices or even shoot the player.

Some actual clarification
  • Pulling out your gun or shooting in the air will have the NPCs just pull out their weapons, they won’t shoot you.

  • If you leave a group that attacked a trading site, you still have the restrictions on you.

  • The health increase of traders will be in the form of a 5 body shot kill turning into a 6 or 7 body shot kill.

  • The “good at shooting” isn’t to have the AI see you through walls, they’ll just be quicker to spot you and more accurate with their aim without any weapon accuracy bonus

  • If a player does not succeed in helping a raid, they will not get any bonus. I’m not sure what would happen if they died while helping and the traders succeeded in stopping the raiders. Smaller discounts I guess.


It would be great if bandit NPCs could raid trading sites from time to time, at which point players have another choice to make, help the bandits or the traders. If the player decides to help the bandits, all the loot he can get from the bodies he can keep without the bandits interfering.

More clarification
  • Bandits can join in with attacking players and steal some of their loot. Players decide if they engage the bandits or not.

  • Bandit raids will be random and unannounced

  • All the bonuses and restrictions from the previous point apply

  • The raids can commence without players in the area, you can just stumble upon some dead bandits or dead traders. If you loot a dead trader like that they can still give you a discount.

Attacking Trading Sites (and other stuff)
  • YAY
  • Make Trading Sites a Safezone
  • Only Bandits raiding is cool
  • NAY
  • Other (Comment it I guess)

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I’m looking at this wall of text and I think I have to learn how to make better looking posts.


Make some trading sites attackable and some as safe zones.
It’s ridiculous to have trading sites that the top-tier people in the server can just raid, while you’re trying to trade something. Especially for a game that aims to have PVE elements more prevalent. If there’s 2 big sites and 2 small sites, 1 of each should be raidable by players. 1 to always provide safety, one to be open for raids and looting.


I guess you could add coalition and bandit trading sites, but that leaves out the bandit raiding I talked about.

About the Big and small trading sites, I was actually thinking of either having one big trading site for the entire map OR 2-3 slightly smaller trading sites on the entire map and not to have ones that are different in size. I guess if trading sites did differ in size they would also differ in loot quality.

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Tbh, being able to rob friendly NPC’s would be a pretty good idea but those trading sites should also contain armed guards of some sort so that anyone cant just come and slaughter everyone to get massive loots.

As said prior, there should also be a few trading sites located inside safezones so players got a safe option to trade.


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