NPCs and Group interactions

So this might be a strange idea but could a functionality that allows NPCs interactions to add a player to a in-game group be possible ? Essentially, on interaction with an NPC, the player would be added to a group where other players who interacted with that same NPC would also be (they could also leave the group the same way). They would all be part of a team with all the functionalities of a group (no killing eachother, seeing eachother’s name from afar, etc…) unless toggled off in server settings and they could either stay in the group on death or be forced out on death. This would be interesting for some maps (arena or survival and so on…) and could find many uses.

It would be especially interesting if there was a way to allow only those types of NPC triggered groups on a server, because it might actually lead players to team up with others who they may not know but who have taken a similar path… To take an example like Greece, maybe on interaction with NPCs, the player could be added into an “Greek army” group or into a “Omega” group where he would be able to team up with players he does not know.

Unless it’s optional and VERY clear what is happening, that would be awful for multiplayer servers since if you unknowingly get put on a team with others they could just walk into your base and steal your stuff

In my mind, this is absolutely optional since it would require interacting with an NPC which would expressively let you know you’ll be added in a group. Moreover, It’s mostly intended for servers where base building is a minor thing and more for TDM, faction servers and so on…

There could also be settings to prevent some types of interactions, but I don’t see much to lose with such a suggestion. Implementation might be more difficult.