Object Animations Testing

I’ve recently begun experimenting with animations for objects, which Unturned apparently supports.

These are my most recent tests:

Moving swings:

Hovering helicopter:

Police car with a determined path going around in circles :

The objects have fully working box colliders attached and react to punches/bullets.

Rig any object of your choice (I usually name the root bone Spine to find it easier) and import model as .blend to Unity. Set animation to legacy and wrap mode either Pingpong or Loop depending on the type of object you are making. Parent the imported .blend to a GameObject named Object tagged with Medium and follow the usual steps for making objects. DON’T use mesh colliders, but rather use box colliders attached to each bone. I haven’t solved the issue of Clip, but the method I use now is parenting all bones to Clip and deleting the Mesh.


These are really cool, some of these ideas could make it into a safezone of some sorts, would be really cool!

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You could attempt to make it physics-based instead, and swing from the wind rather than a set animation.

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Noice! Hopefully @SDGNelson will see this!


He’s done it before for the Liberator’s generator, actually.


Ah, I see. However, maybe he’ll see some more applications for this mechanic?

I don’t think Unturned has wind physics, but you are right physics could be utilized for this. What could maybe be possible is rigidbody-joint based swings that are influenced by player interaction (walking into it etc).


Wind physics are used for all grass, plants, and leaves. There’s even an option to turn the feature off. In this particular circumstance with the swing though, a rigidbody component would make more sense, yeah.

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I think he’s talking about wind physics on objects, not trees or foliage.

Awesome! Kudos for including a tutorial!

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Foliage should be the same thing as objects. Foliage is just a ton of textured planes, of course.

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Yeah, that’s for the old trees, the new SpeedTree ones are different in that they should have an actual tree like mesh

Wind still applies the same way regardless. Also, plants on the ground are just textured planes.

The point is: you should be able to make wind physics apply here, assuming you know how to make something be affected by the wind to begin with.

also… tfw I’ve also been saying foliage when what I’ve meant is flora ;-;

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Honestly, I think the foliage is just automatically swaying and animated, so wind has nothing to do with it. If objects with wind physics were possible I think it would already have been utilized. Paging @SDGNelson in the hopes of an answer to this issue.

Wind quality turned down to the “Off” setting disables all “wind calculations.” Foliage and flora does not sway. There is an extremely noticeable impact on foliage between High and Ultra, that would be redundant to manually animate each individual bundle of leaves and branches to suddenly animate to.

Wind is a thing in the game, that you can already see in-game and toggle lower/higher/off. They are already utilized in-game for 2D planes that innately have no clipping. You can go in-game yourself and see it, you don’t have to base it on my own word for it. Flora uses wind and rigidbody components, although leaves just use wind calculations it seems. Go ham and mess with it! It’s probably not used for things that clip because then they’d have to always be moving in the wind. That’s a huge kill on frames for some people.

EDIT: Or maybe there’s just clipping issues in general with it. Poor latency could lead to some wacky stuff happening with that, even though wind should be consistent across the whole server (as it affects blizzards also, and where you are safe from the blizzard), throwing in collisions could make it a bit awkward and lead to some unnecessary bugs to conquer.

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