Occupation Zombie

my idea is add a type of zombies without tendency of walk in group and stand in certain places like cities and military maybe be attracted by a airdrop smoke signal or another event generate by AI, I call this zombie of “Occupation Zombie (OZ)” and that zombies spawn with “certains numbers of Skills” than turn more hard to kill and a type of unpredictable zombie.

Zombie Rules

All OZs spawn with certains skills. all have tendency to come and still in places pre configured, and in a max quantity by place they not form hordes.

Just examples and suggestions of Skills

– When i put X is a option configured by admin –

  1. Revive - When killed after X seconds revive with another pack of powers. (is possible stop the revive )

  2. Toxic - Cause X damage per tick when approaches.

  3. Explosive - Is a Creeper reference!

  4. Berserker - After receive damage get speed and damage.

Imagine for example a OZ spawning with a berserker and explosive together, will cause a real problems.

That is all.

I’m sooo sorry


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