Offhand slot

As simple as it sounds, you hold (rather equip) items in that slot.

Like shields (think riot, trash can lid, makeshift), pistols, and one handed melle objects (particularly flashlights), compases, exa.

Thoughts? Even if you disabled offensive items in that slot.

Like whould a flashlight and pistol/knife combo be bad? Shield and pistol? Or map and driving?

Thoughts upon balance or additional comments?

Also, is this on the trello? Even if it is, lets discuss the details.


Yes it is on Trello, but doesn’t explain much.

Combos ain’t that bad. The items you can combo with isn’t much of a game changer anyway, like flashlight + knife/pistol is like a makeshift tactical light. Duel wielding would severe your combat effectiveness in range.

Well for duel wielding knives… you just hit more

Shields are pretty much ‘Improved’ blocking


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