Official servers in the next devblog

A lot of people thought when Nelson said that you have to buy the Premium Pass to access Official Servers, he meant all servers, and are mad you need to pay to play multiplayer. Mentioning that community servers will still be free should probably be mentioned in the next devblog.

Also maybe mention in the next 3.0 update that you can’t fix the overlay, and it’s Battleye’s fault. I know you made a topic on it in the Unturned Steam discussions, but most people ignore it and skip straight to verbally attacking you because they’re morons, and it’s really annoying and bugging me.

Also you’re the best. :wink: #NelsonForPresident

#nelsonforpresident wtf

He’s a Canuck, dude.

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Yes, that’s the joke.

It’s been long known by people in the loop that Nelson has planned on having official dedicated servers that are fully separate from community servers.

These people who are supposedly mad at Nelson for something that they themselves failed to understand are not worth paying attention to. I’m sure even if Nelson clarifies himself, there’s always going to be some salty kiddo who didn’t read the devlog and whines everywhere.

While I’m not trying to alienate a certain part of the community, you can’t fix the toxic nature of the Steam discussions. People like that are everywhere, even in the update notes comments.

Question is:
Who’s going to moderate the servers :thinking:

I assume that the community moderators will have permissions, however I think after a while certain members of the community will be handpicked and promoted.

Most likely common/active players. A short interview (what would you do if this happened? How would you deal with it, what time zone you in, age etc.)

  • Chat: There could be a spam detector which can mute the spammer.

  • Checking players: Nelson on the Trello has some sort of spy tool/admin spectator planned (The Trello card was archived so I’m going to assume that made it onto the “To Do” list.)

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