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I simply don’t understand how does a game that has 30-50 thousand people daily, only sees a tenth of them playing on an actual server. When I was new, server browser was easy for me to figure out (partly because back then you were able to click through the map filter, which now you can’t). New players either only play singleplayer, because that’s easy to figure out, or hop onto 10x Washington modded kit pvp tpa home server, get owned by a pvp sweatlord and never play again. Most novices that do find a vanilla server, leave in 20 minutes, because noone is playing there.

Is there any reason behind Unturned still not having official servers after so many years?


There is no strong reason tbh, the closest I’ve found is just that “It won’t bring in many players” or “won’t make money” which is a great litmus test of if the person you’re dealing with is a sane normal “morally good” person or is greedy.
Also not a strong justification and can be contested.

I do like the idea of official servers, and it’s a long-term goal that has slowly made some progress. Something that wasn’t as much a factor in the past but recently it feels overwhelming thinking about maintaining official servers. Despite working on making things less overwhelming this past year I think at some point we would need to hire on more people if expanding the scope of Unturned.

For example, server list moderation being built on top of the Steam server list doesn’t currently have any of Steam’s moderation toolset, so I personally handle all of the server list reports. If improving the rules in the future we’d need better tools allowing multiple moderators, but it’s hard to choose prioritizing working on those tools rather than something that more directly affects the game.


I still think it could work, even in a rudimentary sense. I believe that having official servers as a hub with anti-toxicity rules would be really nice. Vanilla servers are lacking as well and the advent of microtransactions is upsetting.

Official servers could also be a fun way to feature community mods or maps.

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Nelson being Nelson, moderation and upkeep would be the major issues facing any official servers


At this stage, Nelson has the funds to cover it. Moderation is the only major concern I see.
Nelson being Nelson, this would be a huge learning opportunity for features and functions for how the end user experience for Unturned in multiplayer.

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he 100% could, pretty much always did. Just a matter of wanting to.
Leaning opportunity, yeah probably. At what cost tho.


Official servers seem like a great idea. However would require moderation as Nelson and others have stated. That with the idea of hackers running rampant with little moderation also scares me. But only one way to see if it works!

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We have official discord already, it has moderators and moderation. I never spent time in there and never talked to anyone there, but judging by constant unban requests about a year ago I would say moderators were free to reign as they please, so if we are going to have moderators it probably shouldn’t be the same people.

And yes I am judging people with absolute lack of context.

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No, but there was very little input from the SDG side, so that is something that would need addressing.
Maybe a system like the Overwatch one in CS:GO could work, not with full replays but with user recordings (since lets be real Nelson can’t/won’t implement a replay feature)


you know who to call. :sunglasses:

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