Official Vanilla servers?

I’m tired of it. Everytime i go to the server browser, i only see this:


I just wan’t an peaceful vanilla server without spawnkillers killing me all the time because of op kits.

Thanks. Atleast i know it now! :smiley:

Current workaround is searching for servers not using Rocket.

Yeah, or just set up your own server for you and your friends to play on if you can’t find any, sadly that is in fact a possibility with Vanilla servers.

I played on vanilla Yukon with @NSTM and @Oyamat recently. Abusive admin and a non-admin friend (of a group of five or six) constantly teleported back to each other after dying every time they tried to kill us. Eventually they just teleported to us during a blizzard, killed me, and died again. :expressionless:

Will be nice to finally (potentially) have official servers in general, just so this doesn’t happen to people. So few people host a vanilla Yukon. :frowning: I guess just making sure all the Unturned 4.x maps are “equally” well-received could make it more likely that the good server networks will have x or y available to play on.

Yeah, that’s the thing, Vanilla servers are already hard enough to come across, so playing Yukon Vanilla is incredibly hard, maybe we can set up a server and play together sometime :wink:

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Well, it’s super complicated. First off start an shortcut do this weird command and then RAGEQUIT BECAUSE YOU JUST WASTED 30 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE TRYING TO MAKE AN LAN SERVER AND IT DOESN’T WORK. Thank you for reading this.

I have the same problem. I’m like lets try to use some of the new me- (Pro Sniper)xXCoolKidHahaYeahXx teleported you to (insert coordinates here) gets shot

writes: wth?

gets banned

Reason: insert bad word

Hosting your own dedicated server only takes about five minutes, assuming you’re on a Windows OS. It’s all fairly straightforward.

  1. Setup the server executable.
  2. Run and close server to generate files.
  3. Customize your server.
  4. Port forward.
  5. Gather friends (or pretend to have some).
  6. Party all night long!
  7. Regret life.

Step five, six, and seven might take longer than the five minute deadline though.

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if its that hard to make a server, just use USO.

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