Official Workshop Tutorial Videos

With work being partially divided between #unturned-3 and #unturned-4, I think a good way to try and keep the Unturned 3 community mostly satisfied is to just finally create all those videos you’ve that mentioned in the past about wanting to do on creating custom content. A handful of them could easily be pumped out in a day, which could either be released the next Friday, or over the course of the next couple weeks.

Either way, it would probably satisfy a decent amount of people, and likely increase custom content on the Workshop. (Although, some people may find the latter to be undesirable.)


Nice idea, giving players good tutorials would obviously be something useful to the community, however the Workshop could get full of medicore content quickly.

It isn’t already?

Zero official custom content tutorial videos exist. There are two Devkit videos, if you include that.

If you’re referring to Unturned 3 & Unturned 4.x, it partially is (primarily as evidenced with the posts specifically relating to work on Unturned 4.x).

@Oyamat It’d be nice if people made their mods the same way, too, so diagnosing each other’s problems was easier. People do some wonky stuff when throwing their mods together because there isn’t an “official” documentation on it.

There is one for buildings.

Sorry, if your adressing me, I was trying to quote Oyamat

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I’d love to see some official workshop tutorials, especially from Nelson. Something about his voice soothes me and gets me in the mood for modding.

All jokes aside, though, I’ve always wanted to get into modding but I never knew where to start. This would be so useful.