Offline LAN?

Like Unturned 2.25, it will be great if we bring back the OFFLINE LAN feature. So a NO-STEAM version will be funny (we’ll not have to be always connected, or have a Steam account, to play with a good friend/cousin when he comes by your house)

This is already planned for Unturned II (and IIRC, already implemented)

OFFLINE? I’m asking this question because the " Steam multiplayer procedure" generally does not allow it

Yes, you made “OFFLINE” very clear. Listen servers as they existed in 2.2.5 will likely be available in Unturned II. Regardless, you still must have both computers to be connected to the same router in order to properly do LAN.

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Short answer is yes. As Nelson already stated there will be official servers that might require gold DLC and players will be able to host their own servers - which basically means you can host it in your private network and play on PCs connected to it.

then Steam won’t be an obstacle, as with “The Forest” for example with the error message : " steam not initialized " when we try to host a lan server offline?

From what I’ve seen, that bug seems to be a problem with the Forest almost specifically. Just because that one game doesn’t work through steam multiplayer doesn’t mean all of them are going to break like that.

Thanks a lot :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: I hope that’s true, because my only problem with steam is the LAN.

Its not a bug its a kind of DRM. Luckily enough Unturned isnt a paid game and I dont think it uses Steam P2P for networking either unless as I said it changed(?)

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