Okay gamers I need your help. Colorado Blog #1.5


Ok so yeah it’s been like a day since the last blog but I forgot to mention something in that post. I really want some of this map to be community driven, not just feedback wise, but actual layout and map design wise. So with that, here’s what the map looks like right now:

As you can see, there are some pretty big blank areas in the map, like the top left and top right. What should I do with those areas that would suit the map well and also suit players well? Also feel free to leave any feedback on how the map looks and what could be done to make it better.


Should leave them empty so there’s some viable hidden spots for basebuilding as opposed to like 3 because you filled in all the wilderness areas.

But if you don’t want to do that then just misc things like small military camps in the middle of the forest, plane crashes, etc would be cool.


logging facilities since Colorado is a forestry area if i’m not mistaken
also dinosaur
where is dinosaur


keep in mind most unturned workshop maps arn’t run on servers, they should be directed for singleplayer.


ok so dinosaur isnt a town but it is a camp here


hec yeah


You can add factory like Zavod in Russia or secret research facility like Scorpion-7


well if it’s intended for the singleplayer experience 100% over the multiplayer experience then go all out, add underground bunkers from preppers, military aircraft crashed in the forest, maybe some radar arrays built for cheyenne mountain complex.

Maybe that mountain at the north (I assume brown terrain = higher altitude) could get a more curvy road and you add some sort of road race event there, with like tents for the different race teams and all that. Would add the opportunity to add some cool race cars like France did (if you can be bothered to make those)


yes brown does mean high altitude, but I’m not going 100% singleplayer, and a race track sounds kind of cool. By france do you mean greece with the race track (idk I havent played on france that much)


Nah, France has a few rally cars with spotlights, a big spoiler, coloured stripes and custom engine audio.


oh that’s neat, didnt know that


The Four Corners Monument, the only point in the United States shared by four different states, could pop that in the corner of the map.



This area has too many blank spaces, maybe add a second military base to balance the map out or just an interesting location for players to venture to (perhaps even a deadzone, or a forest). Another issue is the lack of military locations. Only having one military location on SMP is ideally not the best idea. Generally, you’d want to add more military locations around the map to balance it up so not every player has to contest around it, but if you’re map is catered more towards a pvp map like Washington I’d say either stick with one location or add a second one.

Overall, I think your map looks great map-wise. Other than the lack of visible easter eggs to accompany it and blank spaces, there’s really not much to nitpick from it.

P.S. I really love the river but the sand around it looks weird, just imo.


working on that right now, that lighter brown spot at the top is planned to be a ranger location, also yeah at some point I will change the river materials but I’ve been to lazy to do it


medium maps are a bit to small for fully fledged deadzones, perhaps toxic barrels or just patches?


that’s washington. that’s just washington.


except e l e v a t i o n


body me in the sNWO\


nah I dont want it to be like a copy of germany lmao


it’s already a washington copy, you might as well