Okay so i'm 14 now

oh god oh heck please help school starts on the same day aughhhhh

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Gonna get a new Ryzen 5 2600, coming from an Athlon x4 950. Please. Do. Not. Buy. An. Athlon.
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please help

okay you can go on with your day now


Congratulations on being one year closer towards a natural expiration. :cake:


Congratulations on your continued academic success.

Molton stealing my joke I see. SMH. I’ll be sure your expiration won’t be so…natural.


i was 14 2 months ago

now I’m 15 and i hate life

I was 14 three years ago.
Turning 18 next month, fml


merry pubescence my ni

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good job on getting RA:EN for being so old, grandpa. lol.

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