Okay so i'm 15 now

AHH YES, 2 WHOLE YEARS OF BEING ON HERE, i might not be a regular but I sure am a vet. I actually made this account a few days after my birthday, which was on the 6th.
i am 15 now so that’s pretty neat.


Haha you’re a twelvie 3 years ago




15? Born in 2004.
Your not one of us.

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Okay boomer


^ This.
Also, how old are you guys? can’t be that old right?

I’m 19 and turning 20 in a week :sunglasses:

Molton is a few years younger

Nelson is a few years older


Pfft, we’re all adults here.

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Adding that to the case file…

Ive nearly got enough evidence to have you hung for… piracy…


assuming no one else here has ever pirated


but what piracy am I referring to? :3

Oh are you talking about being an actual pirate?
Yeah hmmmm, maybe yarrr, it’s in the name anyways

Speaking of being a vet, my dog’s starts acting weird. Would you mind take a glander at it?

Behind the shed or in a furnance?
Pick your poison

If he misbehaves just show him this:


welcome to the club lad

Just turned 17. Sooner or later college is going to steal my time.

Wait, that means you were underage when using bot Steam and Discord. Uh oh.

Foolish child you were 5 ago 10 years ago, MUHAAH

What are you trying to say

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You were 4

dont you mean he IS 4?