Old Projects


Here’s some cool screenshots of my old projects that will never be released:


why not it really looks promising


I think that train stole danaby’s wed lol


Did you really just use “wed” and “lol” in the same sentence in 2019


will I now be banned from life


wed lol uwu


You should totally throw some of those decals and such onto the airship xd




Pack it up nolan, this dude made candyland first

Also I really like the underwater area, even though a lot of these are compound heavy you do a good job with detailing and you should honestly get into map making again


I like the 5th image, the bridge is fancy really nice :ok_hand:

Its so sad im out of likes.


pink grass map looks like gmod with missing textures


You should combine them into one map sort of thing.


That’s black and purple, and the purple is much brighter.


wed lol redland