Older versions of Unturned fail to load

I know the versions are unsupported, but I’m assuming that it’s as simple as not having the required libraries or what not to run older versions. I tried to load up 3.1.something and it completely stopped on the loading screen with no errors. Why? How to fix.

Are you trying to boot the game up with BE enabled?
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I thought I put it in the 3.x subforum. sorry.

And no, I was using unturned.exe not beunturned. There isn’t even BE unturned is 3.1


Launch it via Steam, as a non-Steam game. I do the same with 3.9 and 2.2.5. Works fine for me

I already… did. I launched it directly from the executable

I launch it from Steam library, and it works.

Tried that, too.

Any ideas floating around?