On the protection of mods and maps. About Modules

Protection of mods and maps
For me it is very important, if you protect your content, then you will make a good and unique project unturned.

If you make the project unique and good, it will be popular, and it will be used by other projects. This is sad, because protecting content from plagiarism is very difficult.
I want to make a unique project with unique servers, but I’m very much afraid that all my fashions and a card will simply be stolen

I’m doing the defense at the moment, but still it can be bypassed (which is sad) …
Therefore it is better to go into the game of development than to do projects for our beloved unturned.

About Modules.

I also ask the game developer to extend and improve the modules for Unturned 3.0

I’m actively working with them, and it’s cool, in my plans to make a horse as a transport but with running animations and its behavior.

Sorry for my english. (Googl translator)
I myself from Russia =)
Thank you for attention!

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