Online friend unable to connect to server! I'm unsure exactly why

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Routinely, the game shows up on their network, then they load to 100%, and then they are booted to the menu with the error message of “Server lost your connection.” We’re playing without battleye or VAC, and my friend is also playing from a separate continent (Though, we’re playing with a maxed out timeout and queue size). To be honest, I’m a little bit stumped! Anyone have any ideas?

in my experience that’d be a client side issue. Your friends ping is too high for the server. That could be due to bad internet/wifi connection and/or the distance between the server and the person connecting.

Post logs, that’d help. Other than that all the defaults (port range, firewall exceptions, yadda yadda yadda)

I’d love to, but it doesn’t even show my friends joining on the server logs. The port is set to 27015, which is a forwarded port on my network. I tried it with a friend who lives in state, and that didn’t work either. If it wasn’t forwarded, I don’t think the server would be listed anyway?

Two port range. Not entirely sure it would be listed if you didn’t have those two ports forwarded but possible and I am currently too lazy to check. GSLT but that is a given since he should get a different error when trying to connect without one set. Again check your firewall exceptions.

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I didn’t realize I’d need two. I’m trying 27015-27016 now, assuming thats the right idea?

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Yes. With any luck that should be it.

Holy shit, that’s it! In case anyone else found this thread, I had to put my port ranged in two separate things on Spectrum. Thank you very much, Mr. Machina.

Most panels (I assume this applies to spectrum too) include the ability to set ranges, like 27015-27016. If it is just two ports the extra effort for separate rules is minimal tho, so whatever works.