Online multiplayer vs solo/coop

  • Online Multiplayer (with friends)
  • Online Multiplayer (with strangers)
  • Campaign/story mode
  • Match against bots (lone wolf)
  • Match against bots (with friends)
  • Match against bots (with strangers)
  • Solo open world
  • Coop open world (with friends)
  • Coop open world (with strangers)
  • PVP open world (lone wolf)
  • PVP open world (with friends as teamates)
  • PVP open world (with strangers as teamates)

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Which ones do you guys prefer generally in games?

I personally prefer story/campaign modes,matches against bots with friends and solo,solo open world and PVP open world solo or with friends.

woah my 3 picks are the top 3 epic

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i selected everything because i’m cool

Change my mind

“PVP open world (with strangers as teammates)” sounds inherently terrible. >:T

You selected everything because you can’t decide what you like more

no i did it for the memes

Well,you might have met someone that isn’t an asshole and he/she actually wanted to team up with you,I dunno.

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