Only Those Who Art Worthy May See Thy Post



The greatest clue is the one that you cannot see…yet.
Rotor, Position, Ring, UKB W
Latin Alphabet.


друг more like apyr XD


cool i guess


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I like this post, it’s like doing an escape room, except everyone just leaves before even attempting to solve the stupid puzzles.


Did I make this too hard?
Has anyone even deciphered the first clue yet?


Yeah, I just checked, it works completely.


It’s not that it’s too hard, we’re just too lazy.


nobody gives a fricc about your loser nerd puzzle, dork :sunglasses:


I mean its way too specific

The post?

Lil ascii cross

mx+b but you probably just mean the b

Is this a reference to the enigma machine? Have no clue what else it would be

How is this a clue thats wayyy to broad. Alpha-Omega is the only thing that would make sense without actually using entire alphabet

Good movie with kevin spacey, watch it


Yes, the post. What else could it be? A part of the post that cannot be seen, unless something is done to reveal it, perhaps?

ASCii85. Also known as a Base85, a form of binary to text encoding.

I mean none of them, it’s a clue to a substitution cipher with the function (ax+b), with b being the magnitude of the shift. By the way, the a (slope) is 5 and the b (intercept) is 8.

Model M3, Army/Navy variant, with all values set to one, reflector UKB W

Another clue to a substitution cipher. This one was originally made for the Hebrew alphabet, but was modified to work with the Latin one and here’s the final nail in the coffin: “Forwards is backwards.”

The final cipher, also a subsitution, using a ‘shift’ of a certain degree.

There, I think I’ve given enough clues, and if you get the first one, the rest will follow quickly.


I was always say друг : apyr


this is the worst meme on the internet, get out


That just proves you can’t figure it out.


Not really, yours is just way way too specific. You have very clear answers in mind to really broad questions that could be interpreted tons of different ways.


I’d rather solve the puzzles of Bad Rats


Closest I got, until I realized I didn’t know some of the things mentioned below. Going to recommend Cryptii just because of the visual capabilities seen here.

I’m also under the assumption that RedComm used it, due to the default settings of the Affine cipher.

mx+b is the same thing 'fam.


Not little, and that’s just an example of ASCii85 (it’s a heavy plus sign)

(There’s an emoji variant of it too, but above should be normal as I’ve dropped it in pre tags.)

Nobody was going to get Atbash out of the original hint.

Nobody was going to get these numbers without the additional clues either, tbh.

Most helpful not only assuming you listed the substitution ciphers in a relevant order, but that everything you didn’t specify a value(s) for is left a some site’s default setting.

Ofc I also just messed it up at some point and only vaguely recall un-messing it up, but the point is that I’m holding you responsible for this. :]


no, it means i think you’re shit at memeing

guess you’re also a pretentious fuck, though you call yourself a communist so i shouldn’t be surprised



They are in the order in which I encoded them.
All settings are default.
Also, the first clue was to see the fact that I had edited the post, and that a link to Cryptii in it.
Hence: “The greatest clue is the one you cannot see…yet.”


Except you didn’t do that (there is no link included), nor can people see your edit if you had made one to begin with :v