Ontario devlog #1

First of I would like to ask if anyone is interested in joining my Ontario project. Its a large map and a lot of work for just one person so I would be pumped if anyone could offer to help out. Discord link and Trello link.

More info on biomes / seasons

These seasons will not be in the same location they are in that gif just for convenience sake though. The first image is a Autumn biome which will be the most common biome and is the most custom one. Then there is the summer biome which will be the least common biome and will mainly be found near rivers / water sources. Then you get a glimse of the snow biome which ill fill the bottom left area of the map.

Here’s my glass mod! Workshop link here. There’s 9 pieces of original recipe chicken glass all together with 1 indestructible pane then 4 destructible panes that gradually get higher HP the higher up the number list they are. There’s 4 glass shards which are great for old/rundown buildings and can be broken with a single punch.

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Adding onto this I do not get a yellow outline when it is selected in the map editor. Any idea whats causing this?

Reworked glass texture and got a much more visually appealing colour

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