Open Beta in 2021?

Well Nelson planned to have a very basic survival game on the U3 map ready by the end of the year, to work better on artificial intelligence etc, but there were several unforeseen events due to the 3.x that needed his attention, and well are almost in April of 2021.

It is really complicated because it was almost 4 years since its development was revealed, many changes were made and on the one hand this is good, as the game will be more and more polished, but I cannot deny that my hype has been decreasing a little since the so The expected moment when I can get in a car and kill zombies in the city seems more and more distant, I think it’s not just me since the forum has been a little slow lately.

I would like to know what can we expect for this year, adding animals? weapons ?, an open basic beta ?.


Nelson said a few days ago he was going to work on a roadmap for U2, so I would expect this answer in the roadmap. Also I kinda feel like the forum/games in general slow down around this time of the year and pick up towards the start of summer time.


Expect nothing LOL

I would expect the ia and that roadmap for U2

Actually, i think the hype unturned 2 and the posts, are dying by little after nelson saying that there was nothing soon for U2… so… the only thing we can do, is forget it and wait.
It will come when it is ready.

And for last, please @Lance , all ur coments about U2 always are saying that it will never come, and basically showing that u dont like it or idk. If u dont like it, its ok, i dont care, but cant say that the game will never be ready because u dont know it. U just make the community of U2 more sad. So please, stop acting like that :confused:


Just wait 1 or 2 more years and see if you still think it’s coming out with the progress he’s made in that time frame

i dont care about the time. step by step, at the end it will be done.

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Yeah if he doesn’t get sick of working on it after 20 years. Hey if it does come out I’ll be playing it in heaven though

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I really don’t know what to expect, maybe a few more basic and fundamental things, like the system of hunger and thirst, then the system of body temperature (I think this should be treated with more importance than in Unturned 3.0).
Personally, this is at least what I hope there will be this year with Unturned II, but let’s see how Nelson will make his Roadmap.


That’s the best thing I’ve seen you say uwu, thank you.
We’ll play Unturned 2 in heaven. <3 :coy_smile_zombie_:

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yea the hype has died down a lot, I thought by now we will start to see the game closer to finish. I think Nelson should be open to the idea of people helping him make unturned 2, I understand that unturned 2 is like his baby in a way, and that he doesn’t want people to help him, but he should at least have 1 other person helping him do developer stuff. I guess in hiring or getting someone to volunteer as a 2nd dev would help lift some stress off him and make him not as burned out.

In my opinion he should stop updating 3.0 completely until he is done with unturned2. I guess in a way he should focus on his 2nd “child” and stop worrying about 3.0.
If he keeps updating 3 and show unturned 2 no love it will take another 5 years for the game to become a beta.

idk man I’m not a dev but that’s just my 2 cents.


Depends. Professionals take money and time to find, the community would more or less just ruin it.



I dont think there should be an open beta rn I feel as if the bad community will ruin the game before its even started if that happens


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