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Skill based combat.
The outcome depends on your guns and how skilled the players are with shooting.

I just want to know why people are against that

Thanks for the edit btw Montro
People who say its not Unturned still go to the gulag though.

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You didn’t define “skill-based combat” once in your entire post. Gonna make it really hard for people to give you their opinions.

For example, if you want purely skill-based combat, where only the player is a factor, then the game shouldn’t have loot to begin with. Items you get based on RNG doesn’t make a fight purely skill-based. That would most definitely qualify as being “not Unturned anymore.”

I’m assuming you don’t want that, however, so a definition would be nice.

If you mean not having any skill (trees) that affect combat, then last I checked a fair amount of people were for that.


Skill based combat, about as plain as it gets at its core.

You fight with the guns you have. Who ever is better at shooting wins.

That is what I mean
I edit my main post

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g u l a g
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Skills should stay, that’s all I have to say (with a massive rework ofc).

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Youre talking about increasing the skill ceiling right? Not actual skills?

Moltons point is decent as it brings up skill vs time alive on a server or the amount of loot someone has. In 3.0 loot doesnt change time to kill by alot except for sniping, and also the loot ceiling is super low, as on russia, it usually takes 30ish minutes to get to the deadzone silo with a gasmask, which makes it really easy for “skilled” players to do good.

Another big problem with wanting skill based gameplay in 2 is 3rd person, as it creates defenders advantage, where whoever is the one to peek and shoot is the one who is at more risk, as you can just wait for someone to peek their head out and then you peek and shoot them. Other than that there are not many problems with 3rd person, because if everyone can use it then its “balanced”, even though the defender will always have an advantage.

I think the most reliable way to change the skill ceiling is to remove skills that effect shooting, like sharpshooter was in 3.0, and keeping recoil high, so that its hard for newer people to manage but with practice can become fairly easy. Sniping should also be far more difficult, with more mechanics involved such as wind speed, as long as its not random (you should be able to use a late game tool to get a exact windspeed but then have to use your own instinct to correct your shot) Skill should not be the only factor in 2 though, there should be advanced armors or stronger guns that require a while to obtain (not through chance but through loot barriers and proggression) that would give you a clear advantage, but you could still die in to someone without much gear if you are playing poorly.

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But skill trees are = skill of player + time played in server
this is called MMORPG!!

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Incredibly vague definition of “skill-based combat”, if any is even present at all.


Whoever hits their shots more accurately is more skilled.
If you want to make this skill-based, then every individual shot should have the ability to kill.

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That doesnt reward skill that rewards who ever gets the jump one someone. You need a balance

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Really, do tell me more about this “balance.”

No gun should one hit a fully (max tier om talking hours of gameplay dedicated) player. You should reward people for putting time into the game not only players who are good or get the jump on people. You mighnt somehoe derive fun from walking through a forest and then getting popped in the face by a 9mm and going down because you have a realism fetish but that just isn’t good gameplay. Whoever gets the jump should usually win the fight but not always. You are mixing up a realism sim and fun gunplay and balance.

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By explain to me balance I meant your idea of balance, not your doctorate on why rounds should not one hit kill in an upcoming survival game.

I explained what i meant by balance in balancing skill vs time. Do you really want me to go indeoth, which by the way I cant really because the game isnt even out with and there isnt even a template to go off of.

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Why not just keep damage the same as in 3.0?

Is that what you want? Because the damage model was medicore, I want to see definite tiers of armor and weapons, with the best helmet stopping you from getting one shot by the best sniper, but leaving you bleeding and close to death.

That is exactly what it already is. If a great player has, for example, an Ace, and a crappy player has an Ace, obviously the great one is going to win. What does this post add to anything?

Judging by this post I assume you’ve never gotten into end tier gameplay.

With max skills and attachments, it really does not matter how skilled or unskilled you are; shooting is easy. Very low recoil (assuming you are using assault rifles, which basically everyone is), almost spot on accuracy, and you can move around like crazy. Not to mention that player hitboxes are fairly large.

I believe the main idea is to stray away from any form of gameplay in which shooting is universally easy for all players, and rather than it coming down to if you have max sharpshooter and attachments it comes down to how well you handle the recoil, place your shots, etc, while using more advanced movement as well.

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