Open Discussion: Weapon Sandbox

As 4.0 nears this discussion becomes less important, but i’d like to bring this topic up anyways.

How do you feel about the sandbox of 3.0?

It makes me sad that we don’t have proper counterparts for some of the ranger/military weapons.

There’s no Grizzly counterpart, and definitely no Hell’s fury counterpart.

I also dislike how some guns are straight upgrades. (See Heartbreaker vs Maplestrike)



Muh Legendary Scar is better than any Blue Assault Rifle.

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Unturned was not designed to be a game where you choose the weapon that you want at anytime that you want, so sandbox servers balance is broke af.
If you balance the weapons just to fit on the sandbox style of game-play, I am pretty sure that this would mess the balance on the vanilla game.
Is way easier to find a heartbreaker than a maplestrike in maps like Washington.

It is impossible to find a maplestrike in Washington, unless you get an airdrop. (Right?)

I dislike the straight upgrades that are available in 3.0 too. To keep the sandbox feeling more, I think every weapons should have a noticeable unique propriety each. For example, the Hawkhound could be the weapon that deals the most damage to animals, the Schofield the gun with the highest durability, the Sportshot being the fastest firing (as fast as you can click) and lightest rifle, etc.

This way, every weapon has it’s own place and purpose in the game, triumphing one or two stats over other guns.


imo the perfect way to balance the guns would be by having counterparts for every gun, with the exact same dps so none are actual upgrades, but with diffrent stats, ie military guns shoot slower and have more recoil but do more damage, while ranger shoots faster and deal less damage with less recoil.

Exact same dps is eh. Would rather see different dps but perhaps one has more range or one has more damage

I Personaly wish this whould have been the approach, with clear upgrades as a rarity.

I’m pretty sure that grizzy are considered as a “High tier military gear” and hell’s fury as a “High tier ranger gear”.

They’re the uniqueness of those gears. It’s the uniqueness that’s seperated ranger and military apart. Making it more interesting then “just another type of gun that’s takes differents bullets.”

Altho that’s just in my opinion. And that I might’ve missed an entire point.

My main reason I brought up this topic to begin with was actually out of dealing with having a military faction and a ranger faction, and sizing them up.

I didn’t change any of the vanilla weapons outside of the three hybrid rifles, effectively replacing them with ranger only weapons.

Even then I found ranger weapons to be fairly outnumbered.

I think another update like Greece in terms of weapons would bring balance. However, instead of adding solely military weapons, it would add ranger ones.

For most people that might be a straight upgrade, however,

The maplestrike has a higher rate of fire, and ontop of that has a higher max recoil and lower minimum recoil, meaning the recoil is very unstable

The heartbreaker has a wloer rate of fire, with a low high recoil and high minimum recoil, leading to much more stable shooting. Ontop of all this I’d definitely prefer HB ironsights over MS if it’s first-person only.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND ontop of that Washington is probably the most popular map due to being all guns and PvP and all that, so I’m sure newer people will be more experienced in handling the maplestrike than older players or players that choose to play on maplestrike-based maps like PEI.