Open modding

Will unturned have completly open modding? like ability to change many core features, add own new features etc (In 3.0 you can only use existing features which is limiting) So basically ability to make new games from 4.0 with mods.

With the new engine and the fact that 4.0 is going to be more polished probably means that this will be viable. I hope it is as well. It’d give modders way more control, maybe even making entire new gamemodes.

Payday 2 mod
Rainbow Six Siege mod (breakable walls)
Shit mod (allows you to poop on command)
Youtube streaming mod (stream YT videos on TVs)




lol no

Isn’t that an add-on?

Y U No like poop mod?

So, we will be able to have pokemons like in ARK? Because its the same engine.



this isn’t entirely factual, as with modules you can add your own features and there’s a lot of things you can do in Unity even though it isn’t utilized in Unturned


should still be technically achievable

also technically kinda possible

Same engine has nothing to do with it.

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