OpenMod Release

Hello folks!

I am glad to announce that OpenMod v1.0.0 is finally here!

What is OpenMod?
OpenMod is the successor of RocketMod / LDM. It is loosely based on the unreleased RocketMod 5’s code and has been mostly written from scratch.

OpenMod also supports running RocketMod plugins through the OpenMod RocketMod Bridge, which is based on the LDM code. See the “Quick RocketMod Migration Guide” below for more information.


  • Install plugins with commands - “openmod install XXXX” (no need to hassle with dlls or manually installing them)
  • Improved logging and console through Serilog - log to console, file, database, etc.
  • Async and performance oriented by default - no more lag caused by bad plugins
  • Supports RocketMod 4 plugins
  • Automatic updates for OpenMod
  • Yaml configurations instead of XML
  • Modern API for plugin developers with Dependency Injection support
  • A lot of documentation for using OpenMod and creating plugins for it
  • Improved permissions compared to RocketMod - attach permissions to players, add multiple parent roles, have multiple default roles, etc.

Quick RocketMod Migration Guide

  1. Download the module from here
  2. Install libgdiplus if running on Linux (skip this step if using Windows or a hoster)
  3. Copy “OpenMod.Unturned” to Unturned/Modules
  4. Delete Rocket.Unturned directory in Unturned/Modules
  5. Start server, wait for OpenMod to finish downloading
  6. Install OpenMod RocketMod Bridge with openmod install OpenMod.Rocket.Unturned command
  7. Done! You now have RocketMod and OpenMod installed side by side
  8. If you want to use OpenMod’s permission system in RocketMod instead of the Permissions.config.xml, install the permission link plugin: openmod install OpenMod.Rocket.PermissionLink



What are the differences to RocketMod 4?

  • OpenMod plugins run async by default which means much better performance - no lag or microlag
  • Plugin configs can have comments explaining what each setting does
  • Industry standard logging through Serilog, improved console input and output
  • Improved permission and roles system
  • Install and manage plugins via commands, no need to hassle with .dll files
  • Modern and proper API for plugins with dependency injection support

What games does OpenMod support?
OpenMod is written engine- and game agnostic. This means you can have universal plugins which automatically run on all supported OpenMod platforms.
At the moment our primary focus is on Unturned but we may expand to Rust at some time.

Will OpenMod support Unturned II?
Nelson has not released the Unturned II modding API yet, so we can not experiment yet. We do not know if we will be able to support it.

How is OpenMod licensed?
OpenMod is licensed under the European Union Public License (EUPL) v1.2, which is similar to a combination of the LGPL and the AGPL. The EUPL is recognized as a Free and Open Source license by the FSF.

The OpenMod RocketMod Bridge is licensed under the MIT license and based on the RocketMod project, copyright © Sven Mawby.


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I quick suggestion to gain a larger following would be to upload tutorial videos on how to install and configure the plugin loader. Of course OpenMod would have to be in its final stages for this to happen.

Good suggestion. OpenMod is already released so I will see if I can find anyone who is interested in making a video.

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