Operating system for Unturned server

What operating system does the Untourned server run the most stable on?

I chose powerful VDS hardware for 15 game servers. I heard that, for example, everything can be lagged on the Windows server. Which operating syst

em is best for you?

Most people here likely have no clue what the difference between all those are. I’m on Ubuntu but last I checked, the server tool wouldn’t let me host a server online for whatever reason. I won’t be able to see if that issue went away until the semester ends and I go home though.

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personally I have no fucking clue I just know really generic oversimplifications about this shit

Professional hosters I’ve talked to always say Linux is better because Windows has a lot of overhead, telemetry, etc.

However I’m sure you have to understand Linux to a certain extent to use it properly.

HOWEVER, since you’d be using Linux for just hosting shit, its not like you have to deal with the shit Linux is typically known badly for, like drivers, game compatibility, etc. A quick search shows that FreeBSD is literally built for server-hosting. So of all the linux things to choose from, that seems like the clear choice.

BSD isn’t Linux.


Use Windows like normal people

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