Opinion about micro-transactions

if 4.0 is going to have micro-transactions i feel like it should have realistic skins ( non-silly looking skins) to make the game look better with its current style

wahts with all the realizm
its not what 4.0 is aiming for
just survival
it can be a little silly

Actually, 4.0 is definitely aiming for realism.

It’s not simply going to be a survival game, but a more hardcore one as well.


ok i get people dont like the gun skins thing but keep in mind they are being put in the game based on player votes
and i would likle a more hardcore survival game in 4.0 then 3.0 (its just pvp in 3)
but what i am seeing is people wanting more “realism”
but i want it to still be unturned not some open world COD zombies

What does CoD Zombies have to do with anything?

It’s not realistic by a long shot.

What’s “unrealistic” about stupid looking weapon skins.
Look at these Ruger 10/22 stocks


Then stay in 3.x :ok_hand:

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what i meant (and didnt get through) is a pvp game with zombies as a side thought

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