Opinion on SAO

do you think sao is a good anime

  • very trash
  • trash
  • trash+
  • not trash

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I don’t consider anything trash. Okay maybe bronies slightly but other than that. None

Imo it’s really good, but with some cringeworthy scenes that make me question why am (was) I even watching it.

I personally dont really like anime because its art style just doesnt appeal to me.

Cookie-cutter harem anime with lackluster fighting and dialogues, failing to portray emotions in meaningful ways. Has an interesting concept but fails to use it for compelling story telling and morality, reduced to “Killing is bad and oh no people are dying”.

Great first anime because it makes any other anime much better.

JoJo is better and nothing will make me think otherwise,

And if you spam me loli pictures I’ll call the FBI

First episode was good, second episode made a mistake by skipping 3 months. Rest of the series was just bad.


It had a couple “decent” episodes in some of the story arcs, and the first episode ever is still one of the best ones. :I

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Assasination Classroom is a better anime.

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