Opinions on skybases

what steps would you guys take to balance skybases, would you remove them entirely? or would you keep them and somehow balance them, id love to hear peoples thoughts on this.


I don’t think skybases are completely evil, but they become very difficult to handle due to how difficult it is to actually raid one. The resources that it takes to create a skybase vs raiding one are extremely discordant. Raiding a skybase requires a heli or a plane. Helis are extremely rare, and some maps have minimal spawns for them. If we were to keep skybases in, I think either making the skybase reliant on some kind of expensive material to keep it airborne (in the past people have suggested giant fans) would be a good step. Giving players without a heli a path to raid the base would be helpful. Drones may be a decent solution. Ultimately though, there must be some way to get the base either to the ground or the raiders into the sky (perhaps a cannon?), without the need for a resource that clans are very draconic over.


You probably know this, but some servers limit the building height, and others prohibit skybases entirely. Limiting the height seems like an easy way to balance things out, but there is some satisfaction to going high in the sky to raid a base, so I wouldn’t get rid of them. They are really hard to build and maintain, and raiding them is fairly easy, given the right strategy and raiding loot.

I agree with @kvc.6 that there should probably be another way to get people in the sky. It will be another way of eliminating the tiresome process of building up to a skybase.


Honestly i love skybases, the only thing i hate about them is when someone builds a skybases above volk military base on russia and you have to sweat like crazy because it’s always a team of 5 that drop every 2 seconds. But that’s a semi-vanilla problem, on vanilla servers skybases are fine imo. Raiding skybases is not that hard, the only problem with raiding a skybase on a vanilla map is: if the skybase’s roof is not accessible and the skybase has claim flags raiding it becomes quite costly since vanilla unturned doesn’t have ladders that can ignore claim flags.


If someone builds a skybase on one of my maps, I update it the map with a deadzone right on their base


Skybases overall are a cool idea, but just the fact that a normal player cannot just get up there is my only grudge with it. Hawaii and buak have craftable gyrocopters. Gyrocopters already worked in the past on modded semi vanilla servers (from what I’ve seen at least)


I don’t see skybases on Kuwait because I smite them down with help from God :exploding_head:


In hobby/side projects I often play around with ways to implement something for Unturned, and that’s part of why I did this collapsible building last year: Link to timestamp in video

It would be quite plausible to do the same in Unturned, but probably optional considering so many players enjoy building skybases. The main thing that needs doing first is rewriting barricade placement similar to structures so that we know which barricades are part of your house.

That reminds me with the structure rewrite I basically fully implemented in 4.0 as proof of concept before building it into 3. :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally would remove them if not make a craftable plane/heli on the map/limiting building height like some of the maps do/block loot spawns to be abel to build around/above/near. btw
nothing is impossible to raid with the right amount of tools/group size/time
sky bases only common on tpa/home servers having a heli as a lift on vanilla survival is kinda funny but maybe then introduce a new building type that functions as a lift/vehicle for example :

  • it can only go up and then it will come down
    -any one can get in to it/maybe can be locked/unlocked via stealy
  • it has to be in the open/cant be surounded by walls top is always opend
    -make it that no one can leave it as long as it arrives
    first thing that comes to my mind is the Apex jump tower but im pretty sure it would be just hella annoying just like those pesky miliary skybase campers

I’m hyped for this

Dox anyone who uses a sky base


Skybases have always been a hard topic. I don’t like the concept of them. Sure it’s cool building them and takes forever. But the idea that you can just jump down on unsuspecting people over and over again with bad guns getting full gear is kinda cheap and annoying for those on the receiving end.
Also, raiding skybases is almost impossible if it’s a well designed base. Often times even if you can raid the base, you can’t loot it due to claim flat spam. The best way around this that I’ve found is placing a bunch of floors under the skybase and try and catch the loot (assuming it’s within range of where the loot was dropped) but this is horribly inconsistent.
That and the fact that they can just /home and consistently drop on your raiding party when you’re trying to build up. Idk skybase raiding is my least favourite part of unturned.
I wish unturned was more like rust base designs - requiring compounds and such. But this would require reworking free form plates completely. As currently you can get over any wall in unturned with 2 scrap, and that 2 metal scrap also now requires a dragonfang to destroy.
Just my 2 cents


On my servers with vanilla maps I did like any other curated map did with the skybases: limiting the height to only 500mts approx. but with plugins, so skybases exist but they’re not so OP

Also, I even did another thing with plugins and it is limiting the buildables to only 50mts above the ground, this means you can’t build higher than 50mts depending where you build. If you build your base at Pirate Cove mountain, you’ll get a higher base than building at Belfast Airport. These are the best solutions I’ve found for the skybases

However, yes, if Nelson implement this as a server config would be COOL


the big issue I have with them is when they are above render distance, if you cant see them and all the air vehicles are gone its basically impossible to get to them

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Maybe making it where they can’t be built as high or where they can’t be built out of metal would be a good idea.

Its once again bad servers you play on if you can jump down from a skybase without any damage / broken leg or at all.
it takes a long time to do so what is the problem with getting a little advantage (normal servers make you stockpile umbrellas or on vanilla ones where you cant come back jumping off would not be practical so helis are a must and the skybase is just a base to store extra loot in)

oh hell yea

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