Opinions on Ukraine Vs Russia servers being removed?

My personal opinion that I kinda agree with it but it’s bit upsetting that nobody said anything about Middle Eastren war servers when the conflicts were still active.


I agree, people need to realise these are real conflicts affecting real people.


i think generally war roleplays depicting real events should not be normalised to the point they are now.
there isnt really reason that people cant make up their own country, faction or even conflict. i think that if it involves real places or militaries then it should be a made up or unrealistic conflict. it shouldnt depict real wars or conflicts going on right now.


I think the community should not glorify any real life war, especially not ones done after world war one. and extra especially not current wars

Its been concerning to me the amount of current weapon and vehicle mods being based off of the equipment used on both sides of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (especially considering many of them have the flags of either country plastered onto it)

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All I can say is that I absolutely agree with what Younus said here:

Also my reply to P9nda asking for people’s opinion on this:

People need to realize that this is a real war, fought by real people, not some petty argument on the internet.
As someone who has volunteered for humanitarian aid, I see servers like that to be disrespectful to the lives of the fallen.

I also absolutely stand by what Dug said on Twitter, regarding this topic:

these servers could achieve the exact same gameplay regardless of the setting or the team names, seems kind of like they are trying to capitalize off of the ongoing conflict.

And last thing to think about is how the owner of DWS, rallied their Discord server to sway the vote in favour of keeping said servers online.
(Translation and screenshot, courtesy of Twitter user @qwertyen3)

You are the best!!
Vote for “No, allow Ukraine war RP”
But don’t forget about to write about that you are not against to ban another servers except DWS.
I think that we will win this war, i don’t think i know it!

Absolutely disgusting.

They also joined the Unturned discord server today, looking to have a word with SDG (probably to explain themselves), also raiding the server in the process.

I’m really glad that Nelson’s decision was to not allow such servers.


I dont have much to add as i think Stas kinda covered everything, but yeah, this is a real conflict and it should not be roleplayed, the same applies to any current ongoing conflict


Animatic also said that