Optics Suggestion

A short, straightforward suggestion:
Certain higher power optics should have their own accessory rails or pre-mounted non magnifying optics that you can switch to mid combat instead of having to change attachments.
Also, some scopes should be capable of changing magnification.


I think you should make a separate thread about Scope zoom and focus, I think that’s a good suggestion.

It’s very straightforward and fairly simple, don’t think it needs a whole 'nother thread.

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Something like this?

Yes, exactly.
Or something like the Leupold Mk. 4 HAMR

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That’s a step forward to realism. Great idea, but how are you going to do this with controls fast enough to do all of that during combat?

put another scope on top, and another scope on top of that, and keep going until it reaches past the atmosphere


Probably having it key binded for quick change.

It’s not a gun anymore, it’s a space elevator

also, Nelson did experiment with canted sights, maybe they’ll be re-added with the Eaglefire? :thinking:

Yeah, switching to them should use the same mechanic as switching to back-up optics.

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