Optimization issues, with testing


Optmization Is key in action, survival games like Unturned howether some people say the game does not deliver on this front I have conducted some tests with a Windows 10 Machine with theses specifications:

  • Graphics Card : GTX 950 Strix by Asus
  • CPU : AMD A10 Radeon R7 2 Core 3.6 GHZ By AMD 64 BIT
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2 Sticks of 8GB)

On Germany with Default settings the machine is running

  • 1: (Outside Berlin) 55 - 60 FPS
  • 2: (Inside Berlin) 30 - 40 FPS
  • 3: (River spawnpoint) 150 - 170 FPS
  • 4: (Shwarzald Military Base) 70 - 90 FPS

Point 1 Outside Berlin

Point 2 Inside Berlin

Point 3 River SpawnPoint

Point 4 Shwarzald Military Base

In Combat

While In combat (image not by me), a user can expect to drop in fps by around 50-60 % This does include decals ON and ragdolls ON this was the result of a Horde Beacon with 4 Hostile Sentry’s to simulate a action packed scene.

This can be seen here:

Point 5 Moritz’s Farm

No Combat (A couple of zombies non agro dotted around) 120-130 FPS

Howether when in combat with a horde beacon etc mentioned above, the FPS dropped to around 50 - 60

  • Non Agro Non Comabt : 120 - 130 FPS
  • Agro Combat : 50 - 60 FPS

This is a 50-60% Drop in Frame rate in combat whic is to be expected but could be optimized.


The FPS was well in the range of playable Most of the time with only certain points getting sttutery or sub-30 FPS the frame rates will be lower on multiplayer situations. And also The FPS would be lowererd in settings people use (Because people normally dont use default settings)

With over all gameplay recently I think alot could be done to improve the optimization of Unturned in general as lots of cool stuff is being added but there is still lots of bugs and optimazion issues dotted around which ruin the experience.

I Hope that one of the staff (@SDGNelson @moderators @ZackZak) Sees this and mabey brings the issue to Nelson

All situations reported in this post were recorded on DEFAULT SETTINGS on GERMANY with NORMAL DIFFICULTY on SINGLEPLAYER

I’m a bit surprised that it works that ‘‘good’’ with a 950, it’s still decent.

SDGNelson and ZackZak are Nelson’s accounts hahaha.