Option to inspect a stockpile skin

For the longest of times I have been wondering why an option to inspect a weapon/skin is exclusive only to the inventory section of your owned skins.
It would be nice to be able to look at the skins that you are interested in before buying them since some of them are unique from certain sides and the picture preview only provide you with a profile of a skin. Sure you can browse the skin in the workshop and observer the skins details there if they are provided, but that is not for everyone.
From my personal experience, I would have bought more skins if I was able to at least inspect them while browsing stockpile.


I agree it would be a good improvement! The main reason it doesn’t exist (yet?) is just non-ideal ways the menu code works. I think it’s a reasonable step for the next time revisiting/improving the inventory/stockpile code.


Yeah it might be a good milestone for a possible menu update in the future, definitely not something you gentlemen cant handle. :sunglasses:


I support this idea. I really want to see that in game