Option to remove foliage needs to go

Seriously, this should be a survival game and foliage is a very important strategic parameter if you are a sniper or just want to hide from someone passing by. Options original intention is to increase FPS for someone with weaker setup, but is completely exploited by everyone as it servers as an implemented cheat.

I know that this could be a big FPS punch to some players (currently including myself) but performance improvement through settings must have a limit and not go into, in this case, wall hacking zone.

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For starters, stop calling it wallhacks. Because there isn’t something solid that you can see through.
Second, this should be in the Unturned 3.x category
Third, I do agree with your stance that the option to allow PvP advantages by removing foliage should go. Because absolutely hate being forced to choose between good graphics and PvP advantages


It isn’t straight up a wallhack but if you think about it only intended purpose is different. Point of wallhacks is to reduce amount of things the game should render so you get an advantage and unintentionally a fps boost comes by. Ability to turn off foliage is there primaraly to help with fps but unintentionally gives one an advantage.

You know if people can’t run this game with a little bit of grass or wheat, they shouldn’t be playing this game or just need an upgrade. Plus, it hardly made a difference for me. I mean a single or few FPS numbers ain’t gonna hurt

Yes, it needs to go.


a couple things:

  1. the point of a wallhack is to see through walls, not avoid rendering them entirely. are you dense?
  2. at this point it’d probably kill too many people’s frames to be worth it. definitely shouldn’t make it to 4.0 though.
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Lists seem to be a trend so:

  1. I did not attack anybody so there is no need for you to be a toxic brat, state your opinion or dont speak if you dont have any.
    That is exactly what i said, their point is to see through walls but it could also squeeze out a few more fps since the game does not have to render textures.
    Disabling foliage is the opposite, point is to squeeze out a few more fps since the game does not have to render it but it also removes one big strategic parameter (ghillie suits are useless).

  2. As Yarrrr said, if you cant manage a little bit of grass you sir need an upgrade.

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nobody is being a toxic brat here.

  1. when i meant wallhacks are meant to see through walls, i meant it’s meant to see players through walls - nothing more, nothing less. i thought you’d understand that but it seems you didn’t.
  2. tell that to the unturned community :man_shrugging:
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I agree with removing the option to disable all foliage
Also quit being cucks y’all k?


What about server settings with a minimum foliage range?
It could be set to a specific value or none at all.

For example, a server set the minimum foliage range to 20 meters.
There are 2 connected players in the server. Player A and Player B.

Player A has his foliage set to maximum, so he sees foliage beyond 20 meters.
While Player B has his foliage set to none, but because of the server’s minimum foliage range, his settings are forced to see upto 50 meters for that server only.

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Servers would most likely give in to pressure from the players and turn the foliage off, and things wouldn’t really change.

I’d be in favor of having foliage permanently on. Maybe the ability to remove foliage could be removed, but the feature to have it be low/medium/high is kept?

Although players pressuring server owners to turn foliage off is just a theory.

I think I’ll have to agree that low/medium/high foliage setting would be good and have no-foliage removed entirely for reasons that I just thought up.

I can see the scenario DoneLikeASir mentioned happen, so yeah if its a no to removing the option completely at least remove the “OFF” setting.